Importance of Safety as the Human Resource Department

In Human Resources department, it is our responsibility to ensure that the company has all the necessary resources that the company needs. We also need to ensure that these resources are available at all time. One of the most important resources that we can provide to the company is Human Resource (ensuring that the company has all the relevant people to perform tasks). The HR department also needs to ensure that all human within the company are safe, are provided with the necessary Personal Protective Clothing and that they follow all the necessary safety rules and regulations that the company has implemented. Human resources professionals play an important role in ensuring employee health and safety, as they know the workplace, the employees and their job demands. While human resources professionals are not expected to know the technical aspects of workplace health and safety, they should know when and how to use existing resources to respond to employee concerns.

Before we can ensure that all employees adhere to all the safety rules, we as a Department need to first understand why safety is important and why Personal Protective Clothing is important in the workplace?

Why is Safety Important?

Safety within Select PPE is very important because we take pride in ensuring that our employees are safe at all given times and what we can do to protect our employees. We take safety as a priority because we try to eliminate injuries in the workplace. We do this by ensuring that all employees are provided with the necessary PPE, which include items such as safety boots, workwear etc. As a company and HR department we also need to ensure that there are enough safety signs at the work premises that will keep employees aware of all the safety rules that they need to follow.

Why is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) important?

While you are legally responsible for the safety of your employees during their time at work, your employees need to know how much responsibility they have on their shoulders in terms of working safely; both for themselves and for their colleagues.

PPE is important because it protects our employees from getting injured in the workplace. As the HR department we need to ensure that all employees at Select PPE are provided with their PPE clothing. By doing so we ensure that each employee is given the Wellness form to complete in order for them to be issues with their clothes, at least once a year.

The investment and correct use of PPE can help avoid and reduce workplace accidents and sickness.  The company will benefit from a reduction in employee sick days and administration time/costs in recording and reporting illness and accidents.  Select PPE comply with our health and safety obligations thus, avoiding accidents, HSE investigations, legal costs and compensation payouts.  Additionally, looking after the health, safety, and welfare of our employees promote a happy workforce, boost productivity and the company’s reputation.  Finally, the initial cost of purchasing PPE is quickly covered by the cost saving in the reduction in staff sickness, absence, and staff attrition.

However, with the above being said with HR and Safety in the workplace, it’s always important to ensure that safety measures are conducted, and that HR ensures that all policies and procedures are followed.


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