Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Why use Subject Matter Experts?

An individual with an intense understanding of a certain process, function, machine, technology, material or kind of equipment is called a subject matter expert (SME) used for business purposes. Subject matter experts are individuals that are pursued by others that are interested in learning more about something or leveraging their unique expertise to gain market share or increase sales. 

The role of a subject matter is:

It is the responsibility of the Subject Matter Expert (SME) to define the business processes and policies and the application requirements. SMEs have specific knowledge that makes them valuable to the organization however the most valuable subject matter experts do this: they sell new business.

Subject Matter Experts Can Exist in all Functions in a Business

Although it is typical to find SMEs in technical positions within a business, experts can exist in all positions and functions.

The role of a subject matter is:

  • Years of experience working in this area/knowledge/expertise.
  • Lower costs
  • Can help identify weak areas and show you how you can improve
  • Improve sales performance
  • They understand every aspect and can serve as a resource for any questions/problems you encounter with a customer.


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