The key to Teamwork

A key needs a lock to reach its full potential, as a lock needs a key to be opened.

We all have certain parts to play in an organization and it is critical that we realize how dependent we are of one another. A key is but a key without a lock to be opened, and a lock can stay shut for years if not for ever without the right key to open it.

An Organization is so reliant on all the employees to work as a team, and to respect one another and each team members value and position within the team. Every team member in an organization plays a vital part in their department, and for a team to function successfully every employee needs to fulfill their role and lend a helping hand where needed.

There can be 10 keys on a key ring and only one can open the lock that needs to be opened in that moment in that time, so never underestimate a college or overlook them.


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