Privacy Policy




  • The privacy policy provides a guideline of the personal information Select PPE collects, retains and manner in which such information is used and stored. 


    1.1  Select PPE will request for and obtain clients personal information for use in the provision of service.
    1.2  Select PPE also obtains your personal information during the use of Select PPE services, websites and in communication with any Select PPE representative.
    1.3  Client personal information is used to identify, validate, communicate and transact successfully with clients.
    1.4  Client information may be used also for analysis, managerial reporting and for research.
    1.5  Unless stated otherwise the retention period of information differs depending on the nature of information and thus a specific period might not be made mention of but all outdated information is deleted from data-base periodically.
    1.6  Personal Information may only be disclosed to third parties in cases where there is a legal duty, regulation or lawful compliance requests from the state.
    1.7  Personal information may also be shared where Select PPE has contracted service providers who will work on the website or any of the other Select PPE client databases.
    2.1  Select PPE undertakes to keep the client’s confidential information in the same manner in which they protect their own confidential information.
    2.2  Client confidential information will only be disclosed to Select PPE’s employees and contractors who use such information in the discharge of their duties related to the provision of service to the site or to the client.
    2.3  Select PPE takes reasonable care to reduce the risk of unauthorized access and or loss to client personal information.
    2.4  Select PPE will not disclose or sell client private information to any other third party without the client’s consent, except to third parties mentioned in 1.6 and 1.7 of the policy document
    3.1  To transact with Select PPE Online a client is required to register or open an online account, this is done by creating a username and password and completing a short form which will create a client profile.
    3.2  The registered online account is the responsibility of the client, the client is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their user account and password. Select PPE is not liable for any damage or loss which may arise as a result the client’s failure to protect their password.
    4.1  Select PPE reserves the right to modify the privacy policy at any time, A notification will be made on the website if there has been any material changes in any of the policies 
    4.2  It is the Client’s duty to review such material policy changes if any.