The Canvas Customer Painting

In today fast pace of driving sales and ensuring that as a salesman you reach your targets within your budget a few pointers come to mind when the initial approach is merely as easy as painting a picture.

Positive Thinking…Positive Sales

Everywhere in today’s life one is bombarded with Billboards and Social Media graphics that goes on for days. This to an extent make me feel guilty and I for one am somewhat obligated to do the “shopping thing” with my wife on a regular basis, usually scaring the living daylights out of my budget!

Meeting Customers

We had a yearly sales workshop at our head office this month.  Goals were set in place and most importantly, the roadway to achieve these goals were laid out.  The success of the workshop rested in everybody’s preparation, ambition and enthusiasm to reach for the stars.  It was decided that new potential clients will be targeted by going back to basics by placing focus and energy on the following points: 

The Core Values of Sales

This week we had the privilege to spend two DAYS with local and international leaders, trendsetters and visionaries of the business world.   The optimism and energy was contagious, pretty much immediately.  We were ensnared by the positivity and excitement of it all from the very first, to the very last session.  

And here we are.  One day later.  Equipped with workbooks and presentations, tools to use and statistics to remember.  But there was a non-verbal, non-printed, non-presented commonality between these people on stage.  Shared characteristics which speaks deeply to the core values of the Sales Person: