Safety - Looking out for each other part 1

There is no better feeling than you get when you have assurance and know that someone is looking out for you and has your interest at heart. In today’s very busy and fast paced world, it is easy to care much about oneself and forgetting that we need and rely on each other for survival. No-one is self-sufficient, One author wrote that human beings are social animals and as such they rely on these social connections to survive.

It is easy for one to see an accident about to happen and they easily take out their phones and pick the best spot to start shooting a video so that they can share a joke and mock with friends the peril that befell another. This is inhumane, but the question is, how often have you seen possible risk and chose not to do anything about it or even worse, you also pulled out your phone, shot a video and shared it as a joke…. Food for thought.


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