Adapt or Become Irrelevant

Policies are reviewed, so are processes, one can only adapt or become irrelevant!

Ants and humans adapt to accelerate changes to their work environment.

Ants are interestingly very hard workers that achieve goals in their work environment.

Have you ever gone to a field area and seen the high structures of an ant colony?

These small but strong insect creature can carry weight of up to 5 times their body mass.

A colony can dig up 13-18 KG of ground out of their nest and collect 2200 KG of food to their nest per year. As small as they are, ants are educated to follow their colony’s motto of “completed tasks pays off for the whole colony” and “adaptation to the environment”.

They have a complex system of working together to have a common goal of achieving the colony’s maximum potential of creating sustainability and achieve their goals in time.

In modern time that we are living in; our environment changes occasionally due to the fact of extreme temperatures and global warming.

While nature adapts to conditions of environment elements.

The ant colony also builds their structures higher for air temperature ventilation and to prevent flooding depending on the environmental elements that colony faces. This adaption to the environment elements keeps the colony safe and sustainable for generation to come.

In an economical and business finance environment; we as human also could adapt to changes.

E.g. Economical we absorbed the VAT increase and occasionally the petrol and diesel price increase.

In an audit environment we also adapt to conditions by occasionally reviewing our policies and processes of previous years.

Remember our business changes all the time.

Some processes must be updated, and others remains the same.

Just like an ant; we adopting to work environment every day to achieve our company’s common goal.

Adapt to new processes and conditions, give your best every day just like an ant in a colony.     


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